Most frequent questions and answers


Please send us your complete contact information along with your booking request. Additionally, provide us with references so that we can waive a high deposit requirement.

Examples of references include:

  • Another rental company where you have frequently rented equipment (in Germany or abroad)
  • Other clients you have worked with who are also our customers
  • Websites, press articles, or any other online presence where you are visible as a professional in the film industry


If you are unsure about your references, feel free to give us a call, and we can discuss it personally.

If you are the managing director or employee of a limited liability company (GmbH, UG, AG), we need your commercial register number, the link to your website and a declaration of acceptance of costs on company paper with the stamp and signature of the management or a team member authorized to release costs.

The person picking up the equipment must be communicated to us in writing beforehand, be employed by your company, and bring a valid identification document (such as a passport or ID card) as well as a proof of address (such as a residency certificate).

Companies with legal forms that have unlimited personal liability, such as GbR (Partnership) or OHG (General Partnership), are typically treated similarly to sole proprietors (as mentioned above).

This is my first time renting film equipment and I have no references.

No problem, in this case, we will require a slightly higher deposit (at least 50% of the equipment’s new value). This deposit can be provided in cash upon pick-up or blocked on your credit card. After a few rentals, we can waive the deposit requirement.

Additionally, we reserve the right to request a credit check.

The cost of your first rental must be paid by debit or credit card upon pickup, or in advance by bank transfer.

If and how much you have to pay a deposit depends on your references (see above). We will determine this with you during the booking process. The deposit can be blocked on your credit card or deposited in cash when you pick up the equipment. After the return of the equipment  we will unblock the deposit on your credit card or you will get the cash amount back.
Your ID card or passport with registration certificate for identity verification. Also credit and/or debit card for payment and deposit.
No, only you can pick up the equipment personally the first time you rent it. If you are unable to pick up the equipment yourself, the order must be transferred to the person picking it up and the above requirements for opening a customer account must be met by that person.

Can you deliver the equipment to me?

Yes, but you must first appear in person at our store to identify yourself, sign the rental contract, and pay the rent and deposit. Then we can deliver the equipment to your location.


I am not sure what kind of equipment I need for my shoot. Can you advise me?

Absolutely! All our staff members are knowledgeable about our entire inventory of equipment and also have their own filming experience. Whether it’s camera, lighting, or audio equipment, we’re here to help you put together the right setup. Just give us a call, and we’ll provide you either with a  phone consultation or schedule an appointment for a personal consultation at the store.

I have a question about a device. Can you help me?

Certainly! At our place, everyone is a walking film equipment  encyclopedia. There’s hardly anything we can’t answer for you. And if there’s something we don’t know ourselves, we’ll find it out for you!

I can’t find the equipment I need on your website. Can I still request it?

Of course! We have such a wide range of equipment that it’s possible for an item to be missed on our website. However, even if the equipment you need is not listed, we can usually source it for you through our network of partners. Simply include the desired equipment in the comment field of your inquiry, or give us a call to discuss it with us directly.

No, because we believe that every project and the needs of each filmmaker are completely different. That’s why we are more than happy to have a conversation with you  and put together a setup that is perfectly tailored to you and your project.

Are batteries included with the equipment?

Yes, all cameras and audio equipment are rented out with two batteries and a charger. 

However, there are exceptions for cameras or devices that are exclusively operated with V-Mount or B-Mount batteries (e.g., ARRI Alexa 35 & Alexa mini, RED Raptor, Blackmagic URSA mini Pro). In these cases, the batteries need to be booked separately.

Even small lights, such as on-camera lights and ring lights, are equipped with batteries (or an internal battery). For lights with V-Mount operation, the batteries need to be booked separately.

If you’re unsure, please leave a note in the request’s comment section or simply give us a call.

And of course, you can always book additional batteries for any equipment if you need more.

Do I get memory cards with the camera?

Not automatically. The requirements for storage capacity, quantity, and possibly type vary for each project. We are happy to advise you regarding storage capacity for specific recording formats.
If you happen to forget to order memory cards and a card reader, we will usually inquire about them again as a reminder.

Do you rent out vehicles as well?

Yes, we also rent vehicles.

In addition to your equipment booking, we can offer you our fully electric Mercedes eSprinter. And if it’s not available or if you need to travel long distances, we can arrange any vehicle for you through our partner CMS and have it delivered to our store for pickup.

Simply write your request in the comment section of your inquiry or contact us via email or phone.


Is the equipment bindingly booked when I send my request via the website?

No, initially we create a customized offer for you based on your request. You will need to confirm the offer upon receiving it to make a binding reservation for the equipment. Additionally, if we feel that there may be missing parts or something doesn’t quite fit together in your setup, we may follow up with further questions and provide alternative options for unavailable items.

Can I also make my booking by phone, email or in person at the store?

Yes, you do all three.

No, as is customary in the film industry, you only, pay for the days that the equipment is in use (shooting days). This means that there are no additional charges if you pick up the equipment the day before your shoot and return it the day after. Sundays and public holidays (when equipment returns are not possible) will only be charged if you are shooting on those days. Travel or testing days are also not typically charged as long as they are within industry standards.
Please provide the accurate shoot days when making your booking. We usually maintain a trusting relationship with our customers and assume honesty. However, we reserve the right to verify the usage times of cameras and lights by checking the factory usage logs if there is suspicion of misuse.

I need equipment at short notice. Can I come by spontaneously?

Yes, of course. Please understand that it may take a bit longer if the store is busy at the moment. We cannot guarantee availability at short notice.

Can I still make changes after I have confirmed a quote?

Yes, of course. The earlier, the better. However, last-minute adjustments are also possible. Just give us a call or send us an email.

I need to cancel the order at short notice. Do you take fees for this?

Cancellation is free up to 24 hours in advance. Last-minute cancellations are typically also possible without charge. However, our terms and conditions allow for a fee of up to 50% of the rental price, although we usually only apply this in exceptional cases and typically not in full. For example, if significant expenses were incurred in advance, equipment was rented or even purchased specifically for your booking.
Just contact us and we can discuss the situation. The earlier, the better.

How do I get a discount?

Once you order a larger quantity of equipment or rent for an extended period of time, you will automatically receive a discount in your offer. The exact amount of the discount depends on the volume of your order. In addition, our returning customers always receive a minimum discount as a standard practice.

I only have a limited budget for my project. Can you accommodate me?

That depends on the volume, availability and the kind of equipment you want. In any case, we are always open to talk and we are happy to support you within our capabilities – especially if you have already rented from us before. Just give us a call or write to us.

Do you have discounts for students and trainees?

Yes, we offer a standard discount of 30% for students and trainees in audiovisual or journalism programs and professions. For all other students/trainees, we provide a 15% discount.
Furthermore, we have partnerships with several film schools (including DFFB, Filmuniversität Konrad Wolf, Filmarche), and their students receive a 50% discount if the rental is for a project related to their studies.
If you are studying at a film school that does not currently have a 50% discount arrangement with us, we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss the possibility of arranging a discount for your institution as well.

Do you support dedicated projects with sponsorships?

Yes, 25p supports numerous projects every year, such as independent, student, or artistic works, videos for social or environmental projects, nonprofit organizations, and more. Additionally, we award highly valued rental vouchers as prizes at various festivals.
We receive sponsorship requests on a daily basis. While there are many outstanding projects among them, our resources are unfortunately limited.
If you have a project that you would like us to support, please send us an email describing the project’s content and background, the shooting date, the desired equipment, and your budget, if applicable. There is a higher chance if you or other members of your team have been previous customers of 25p.
We will review your request and provide you with feedback as soon as possible regarding our ability to support you and the extent of that support.


Can I check the equipment in your store before pick-up?

Absolutely! We even recommend it. By doing so, you may notice things you may have forgotten or realize that something doesn’t fit together as planned. Additionally, you can verify that the equipment is complete and functional, since you will confirm this with your signature on the rental contract.
Our store invites you to spend more time with its tidy and cozy atmosphere and spacious check-in area. You can also chat with our friendly team and enjoy what might be the tastiest “rental coffee” in town.

Of course! 25p is known for its high-quality equipment and meticulous care. After each rental, we thoroughly check every item, function, connection, and scratch. We clean the equipment down to the smallest detail and set it to factory defaults or sensible standard settings. However, we are also human, and in very rare cases, an error may go unnoticed, a defect may occur sporadically, a socket may receive an impactful jolt during packing, leading to a loose connection, or a new employee may accidentally pack the wrong batteries. In normal circumstances, these situations do not occur, but if they do, it can create quite a hassle on set. Therefore, it’s always better to double-check everything yourself for added peace of mind.

Can you explain the camera to me and help me with the setup?

Absolutely! During your pickup, we’ll be there to assist you every step of the way, providing guidance, support, and even a delicious cup of coffee.

When can I pick up the equipment?

During the booking process, we will arrange an approximate time for the pickup within our opening hours. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Saturday from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Can I pick up the equipment the day before? My shoot starts early in the morning.

Certainly. As a general practice, we assume that our customers will pick up the equipment the day before their intended use. We will arrange the exact pickup times with you during the booking process.

If you have rented from us multiple times before, it is possible to authorize another person to pick up the equipment on your behalf. Please provide us with the name of the person in advance and ask them to bring their identification document (either a passport or national ID card) for verification purposes.
However, for your first rental with us, this option is not available. Please refer to the guidelines for the first rental.

Can you deliver the equipment to me?

Yes, delivery within Berlin (and within our opening hours) is possible. The price for delivery depends on the distance and volume of equipment. However, please note that this service is only available to a limited extent for your first rental. Please refer to the guidelines for the first rental for more information.

Do you also deliver outside of Berlin?

Yes, we offer an overnight delivery service for all of Germany. The price for this service is determined by the distance and the volume/weight of the equipment. However, please note that this service is not available for new customers.

Can I pick up the equipment outside of business hours?

For regular customers, we offer the possibility to retrieve the equipment from our 24/7 Return Box in exceptional cases. However, this is only possible after picking up a suitable transponder and is not highly recommended as you won’t have the opportunity to test your setup or add any missing items. Unfortunately, this service is not available for new customers.
Alternatively, in exceptional cases, we can arrange for equipment to be delivered via next-day shipping outside of our opening hours. Please reach out to us personally to discuss this option.


When do I have to return the equipment?

On the following working day (after your last shooting day), the equipment must be returned by 12pm. On Saturday the equipment must be returned by 3pm. If you need to arrange for a different return time, please contact us directly to make the necessary arrangements.

Can I return the equipment outside business hours?

Yes, with our 24/7 return system at two locations, you can return the equipment even during nighttime, Sundays, and holidays. This service is provided at no additional cost. Please note that you must inform us about your intention to use this service at the time of pickup, as you will be provided with a digital transponder for the return process.

Yes, it doesn’t matter who returns the equipment. As long as the equipment is returned within the agreed-upon timeframe and in good condition, anyone can handle the return process.

I can’t return the equipment in time. What now?

The most important thing is that you inform us as early as possible! We may need to rearrange our plans if the rented items are required for another booking. Usually, a delay of a few minutes to one hour doesn’t have significant consequences, as we typically build in a small buffer.
However, if you are significantly delayed, there may be additional costs for you. If we need to rent the equipment from another rental company because it is required for another booking and we don’t have additional units available, we may charge you for the rental and delivery costs.
If you return the equipment significantly late without notifying us, an additional rental day may be charged.

Can I extend my booking spontaneously?

Yes, it is possible to extend the rental period in most cases. The most important thing is to inform us in advance! However, if the equipment you rented is in high demand and we are unable to source it from elsewhere for another booking, we may need to insist on its return (at least that specific item). It is always best to communicate with us as early as possible to discuss any potential extensions or changes to the rental period.


Yes, we automatically include our insurance coverage with your order unless you have your own insurance (see below). We offer two insurance options to choose from:

  1. 7% of the (undiscounted) rental price – Deductible: €750 in case of damage.
  2. 9% of the (undiscounted) rental price – Deductible: €250 in case of damage.

If you make an online inquiry through our website, you can select the insurance option during the process. Otherwise, we will default to the first insurance option unless you inform us otherwise.

The insurance coverage includes damages or destruction caused by user error, clumsiness, negligence, power surges, short circuits, fire, lightning, explosions, or other natural disasters. However, the insurance does not cover loss, disappearance, theft, or robbery. In such cases, you would be responsible for bearing the full cost.

Please send us a copy of your insurance policy that explicitly states that items of the rental equipment’s value are covered. Only then can we remove our insurance from the order.
Please note that a personal liability insurance does not cover rented equipment. Additionally, not every professional liability insurance includes high-value film equipment. If in doubt, please inquire with your insurance provider.

Problems with the equipment

An item or accessory is missing from the rented equipment. What should I do?

Report the missing item immediately, not just upon return! It becomes difficult to determine whether you (or another team member) may have lost it during the shoot. It’s best to call us or send an email if it happens outside of our business hours.
We will find a solution and, and if necessary, we can deliver the missing part to you by courier. Additionally, we will not charge you for the loss if you can convincingly demonstrate that it was missing from the beginning.
We thoroughly inspect our equipment and prepare orders with the utmost care, so such incidents should not normally occur. However, exceptions can happen. That’s why it is crucial for you to carefully check the equipment upon pickup, as your signature on the rental agreement confirms its completeness.

A device is defective. What to do?

Please report the defect immediately. It becomes difficult to determine whether the defect was caused in use or in house. It’s best to call us (or send an email outside of our business hours).
During our business hours, we will find a solution as quickly as possible to keep your shoot going. If necessary, we can send you a replacement device via courier.
We will not charge you rental fees for the defective equipment and may even provide you with an additional discount to compensate for any difficulties caused by the faulty equipment.
Please understand that if the defect turns out to be user error, we will need to invoice you for the costs of sending a replacement device.
We thoroughly inspect our equipment with great care. It is more likely that the defect occurred during transportation. To prevent any misunderstandings, it is essential to inspect the equipment upon pickup.

I broke something. What now?

Please inform us immediately about the damage so that we can take appropriate action (rearrange for subsequent bookings, contact the workshop if necessary, etc.). Upon request, we can provide you with a replacement device for the remainder of your shoot.
After the equipment is returned, we usually engage an external workshop for the repair. Once we receive a cost estimate from the workshop, or in the case of total damage, an offer for a new device, we will invoice you about these costs.
If the costs exceed the deductible of your chosen insurance model (250€ or 750€), only the deductible will be charged.
If you have your own insurance, please report the damage to them. Once they contact us, we will forward all necessary documents for the claims process (cost estimate, invoice, offer, etc.).

Nice to know

At our store, of course! Most of us were baristas in our previous lives or aspire to become one in the next one. So don’t miss out on enjoying a cup of coffee with us during your next visit!

Brewing beer is unfortunately not as easy as making a good cup of coffee. That’s why we usually leave the brewing of our 25p after-work beer to the experts. But who knows, maybe one day we’ll give it a try!

We believe in investing in the future, and we are always happy to receive internship applications. It is important to us to provide guidance and support throughout your internship, and that takes time. Therefore, we kindly ask for your understanding if we are unable to offer an internship position at times.

We are a team of professionals in the field of „something with media“. We have a friendly and humorous work environment because we believe that a positive atmosphere is crucial for creative work. We also highly value work-life balance and have a flat hierarchy, as we want everyone to feel comfortable and to contribute to our team. Enjoying good coffee and entertaining team evenings are also part of the package.
Oh, and in case you didn’t know: we are committed to environmental and climate protection because we believe that a clean future is a shared responsibility. As we care about the future, we also offer apprenticeship positions!
Sounds good? Then check out our job postings or send us an email at info@25p.de. We might see you soon at 25p. We look forward to hearing from you!


Certainly, at 25p, the focus is on sustainability. For instance, we co-founded the sustainability label www.filmklima.de, advise film productions on „green filming,“ and our Green Consultant, Roman Avianus, is part of the management team working on the implementation of ecological minimum standards.
With 25p, you can rest assured that we give our all not only when it comes to sustainability, but you can also read about the values we uphold in our Code of Conduct.
You can directly rent many products with our filmklima° label here: If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us at info@25p.de. We are happy to assist you.

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