Different streaming setups from #stayathome streams to big events


This workshop offers an introduction to different types of streaming setups – stationary or mobile, one picture or multi camera source. You will learn the basics of streaming – from preparations to troubleshooting during an ongoing stream.

What kind of camera, video mixer, cables or other technical equipment do you need for your setup? How many people are needed? What are the costs? What are common errors and how can you avoid them? What kind of hardware or software-encoder can be used and how can you incorporate captions, external sources and LUTs into a stream? The class will focus on how to work with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

In addition to a theoretical introduction, you will get the chance to try out and practice with different streaming setups on location. Our expert will also have time for specific questions or advice for your projects.


25p *cine support GmbH

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