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Bernd Fischer

Bernd Fischer ist ein renommierter Kameramann, der seit den 90er Jahren bei mehr als 50 Spielfilm-, Dokumentarfilm- und Fernsehproduktionen als DoP mitgewirkt und zahlreiche Auszeichnung erhalten hat.

Neben dem deutschen Kamerapreis erhielt er u.a. den Deutschen Fernsehpreis für die Beste Kamera bei der erfolgreichen TV-Produktion Babylon Berlin.

Björn Susen

Björn Susen ist schon seit über 30 Jahren im Licht Department tätig. Als Oberbeleuchter gestaltete er das Licht bei deutschen und internationalen Produktionen wie UnchartedVerschwörung (2018), Dark (Netflix Series), Who Am IMission: Impossible 4Die Vermessung der WeltDer Vorleser u.v.m. 

Doch Björn braucht keinen vollen Licht-LKW, um atmosphärisch zu leuchten. “Ich mag die Herausforderung einfach mit dem zu arbeiten, was das Budget hergibt.” Das macht ihn auch beliebt bei Cinematographen. DoP Nikolaus Summerer lobt: “Björn ist ein toller OB, kann sehr reduziert arbeiten, denkt und arbeitet voraus”.

Ben Packer

Ben Packer is a freelance Colourist based in Berlin.

After studying a Bachelor Media at the University of Adelaide in 2010 he began working for boutique post house, KOJO. In 2017 Ben was selected for the UP.GRADE program so he could further his understanding of post-production workflows and colour grading and later became a guest teacher.

He is currently represented by Studio for Editors and Creators (http://sec.studio) working on a variety projects including commercials, music videos, short films &documentaries.

Hannes Schmidt

Hannes Schmidt is an independent cinematographer.

Hannes has worked with multi-camera/live streams since 2008. As a trained “Sound and Image Media Designer” he has spent many years in broadcast vans. His experiences with live broadcasting include music and sport events with 10 cameras, as well as live coverage of press conferences in politics and more. In this capacity he has worked as live editor, cinematographer and technician.

The most important thing he learned while covering big events: Avoid cable chaos! “Without good cable management you can’t handle an event with 300 glas fibre drums.”

At the moment Hannes produces a great number of medium sized live streams for different formats in addition to his work as cinematographer and live cutter at major events (Esport).

Inclusion is a topic that’s very important for Hannes. Which is why he has supported the Accessibility Club Conference (2018) and the Accessibility Club Summit (2019) by planning and running the live streams of the events.

Ole Schwarz

Ole Schwarz works as an independent photographer and filmmaker in Berlin. As a photographer he has experience in product, portrait and architecture photography. He has also worked in advertising, on documentary and feature film sets and has produced image films.

In addition to cinematography his skill set also includes lighting, editing and post production. The latter in particular is instrumental for planning and executing a film project, especially with small teams.

For a few years now Ole has been teaching at various institutions. At the BSZ Alois Senefelder in Munich he gives lectures about video production for photographers and teaches at the summer university CCCLab.

He is very excited that one of his pet projects, the “Dulsberg Late Night”  a youtube format that documented the creative ways the “Alter Teichweg” school dealt with the corona lockdown – received the „Die Goldenen Kamera – Digital Award“ and „Grimme Online Award 2021“ .

Susi Dollnig

Susi Dollnig is a freelance colorist based in Berlin and Vienna.

From 2013 to 2018 she has worked as in-house colorist at the New York post-production boutique House of Trim for documentary features, branded content and commercial clients. 

She held Resolve-Workshops at the NewYork Film Academy and was mentor and program coordinator at the UP.GRADE short courses (Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie).

Since 2019 Susi works as a freelancer in Germany and Austria and is represented by the post-production agency M.A.P. Management for Artists in Postproduction. As a colorist Susi has one very necessary skill perfected, so called “Sitzfleisch”- the ability to sit still for long periods of time.

Tobias Lindner

Tobias is a cinematographer and has worked many years as DoP and gaffer in advertising and documentary formats. As gaffer his nickname on set was Tobi-Too-Tight because his light setups came dangerously close to being visible  in the frame. But he insists that „you sometimes have to do weird things with light to create a natural look“. His experience as a gaffer has greatly influenced his work as cinematographer because lighting is a fundamental aspect of image composition.

Tobi teaches at the art-on-the-run Film School Berlin and at the summer university in Karnitz, which means he doesn’t only know his way around a light, he also knows how to convey this expertise.

A project that’s dear to his heart is the documentary feature Orania. For the production of this project he lived three months at a commune in a South African desert. His commitment was rewarded with many festival awards for the finished movie.

As a documentary filmmaker first and foremost, he likes to travel of course. On horseback in the savanna of Namibia or on the luggage rack of a rickshaw in Hanoi – filming a documentary often means improvising, adapting and trying to create something beautiful with limited resources and a small team.

Tobi also cares about music which becomes obvious in his awarded portrait “The life I love” – The pianist Menahem Pressler. This documentary feature also proves how important it is to stage interviews creatively, because „this is where the bulk of the narrative is confined in a very short time frame“.

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